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Illustrator Fix Toolbox provides intelligent and powerful Adobe Illustrator recovery services, supporting the analysis
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16 July 2013

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For all those editors and professionals who tend to deal with Adobe illustrator and are confounded with the problems like corrupted and damaged illustrator files can now find an excellent solution in Illustrator Fix Toolbox 1.0.0 to fix them. Illustrator Fix Toolbox aid in an easy and quick repairing of corrupted .AI files and retrieving all the information from Adobe Illustrator graphic-editor. It intelligently fixes the bugs of graphics-editor plus analyzes the inside of illustrations as well as checks the integrity of data used by user. This unique tool also recovers illustrations from the graphic objects and creates output file which can be easily loaded into Adobe Illustrator. This utility is built with technology that is highly efficient and uses its indigenous spooling engine and reducing the overload of RAM while recovering large files.

Illustrator Fix Toolbox can be easily downloaded from the internet and installed in your system with least possible efforts. This tool is immensely easy to use and any one can start recovering damaged or corrupted files with no additional guideline. This recovery toolbox ensures that while recovering the originality of the data remains. Which means it processes the data cautiously and works with all the replicas of the input files, not changing the construction of input documents. The Tool box will automatically recover the affected documents and all you need to do is click few buttons prior. Though the program carries out the recovering process at a high speed, in few cases the speed might vary with the big sized files that it repairs. At the end of recovery process it will generate reports that you can go through and convert the data in a new AI format.

Illustrator Fix Toolbox comes out a very decent price and owing to the brilliant recovery feature it offers, we rate it with 4 on a scale of 5.

Publisher's description

Take a closer look at the utility of Adobe Illustrator recovery if you encounter data corruption issues when opening AI files. Try Illustrator Fix Toolbox and make sure the data can be easily restored without backup copies and other efforts of you. This program is so easy to use that you may quickly start recovering AI files without additional guidelines and explanations, get the latest version of Illustrator Fix Toolbox from the file server of software developer and click this file to proceed. After the first start of AI recovery program you may simply follow the directions of Illustrator Fix Toolbox and make sure the analysis of Adobe Illustrator files is much easier than you may think. Take a closer look through the interface of AI repair utility and make sure the analysis of selected files can be started immediately and without additional instructions and guidelines. Call the file selection dialog by clicking the open file softkey and take a look at the list of files, available for the recovery. Please note that Illustrator Fix Toolbox guarantees the safety of data processing, it works with copies of input files only and does not change the structure of input documents. Check the path, click the Next button to continue and get some rest, the recovery of affected documents may take some time according to the size of input files and some other factors. After the end of Adobe Illustrator recovery you can look through the report and convert the data into a new document of AI format. Please note that you should register your copy of Illustrator Fix Toolbox, it should be done owing to the functional limitations of Adobe Illustrator application. This program is distributed for a reasonable price, please open the online store of software developer and make your order, choosing any payment option you like.
Illustrator Fix Toolbox
Illustrator Fix Toolbox
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